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End of Plot

Posted on Thu Nov 15th, 2018 @ 2:37pm by Commander Alexia Hunter-Nolan


Congratulations to all of you for helping us complete our first ever plot!!

I was a bit concerned that I'd alienated you all during the mission, but most of you stepped up and made yourselves part of the story.

Now is time for wrap-up and closure. We're on our way back to Starbase One, where we'll get rid of our naughty colonists who're still alive, and do any necessary repairs. Now is the time for much needed Character Development as well as interaction between yourselves! I'd love to see some JL's between our department heads as they get to know one another. We also need to help our new CSec feel welcome!!

As with the end of a plot, so comes recognition in the form of awards and promotions if applicable. To this end, I'd like to make the following mentions:

The Meritorious Newcomer Award goes to Ens. Remy DuBare, Ens. Day Smith & LtJG. Thomas Richardson for their excellent contributions to a plot they'd basically joined right in the middle of. They not only contributed, but they improved the richness of the plot with their contributions.

The Creativity Award goes to LtCmdr. Jael Steiger for her excellent addition of the 'Russian Renegades' in the rescue of the Centaurus. It was a creative input and added to the tapestry of the characters involved in our little drama.

The Captain's Personal Merit Award goes to Ens. Breanna Rathburn for being a very good sport about being taken full advantage of by our bad-guy, and playing it very well during the bridge takeover. It was nice that you were able to play along with the game, even knowing that it would have negative ramifications with the XO later.

Congratulations to our award winners!


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