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Sad Departure

Posted on Thu Dec 20th, 2018 @ 6:16pm by Commander Alexia Hunter-Nolan

Hey Everyone,

There's never an easy way to break this kind of news on a SIM, and certainly not before a major holiday.

It is with sincere regret that I must announce the passing of Steve/Remy on November 13th just past. You will all know him as Ensign Remmington (Remy) DuBare, our Cajun Helmsman. I am unsure of the exact cause of death, but those who have spoken to him know he was battling an illness in the weeks leading up to his departure "for a few days" just before the 13th.

He leaves behind a wife and young son, who reached out to inform me of his passing.

I have informed his wife of our collective sympathies and best wishes for the family.

I would advise anyone with an open Joint Log with Remy to close it down at this time. I will be retiring his character into the honour roll of former officers at the end of the weekend.

Alexia Nolan
CO, USS Centaurus


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