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Facing the Strange

Posted on Wed Mar 13th, 2019 @ 8:22am by Lieutenant Commander Tommy Davenport

Mission: Change: The Inevitability of Dangerous Opportunities
Location: Bermuda, Earth

Tommy was riding high on his new promotion.

Tommy Davenport, Executive Officer...

Great responsibility follows inseparably from great power. With great power comes great responsibility. And three weeks leave.

Of course, he was going to take advantage of it. Because of his father’s insatiable greed and placing too much focus on keeping up with the Joneses, Tommy lived a relatively minimalist life. He had barely broken into the savings he had swiped when he was 18, saving it for a rainy day that would surely come sooner rather than later. Fortunately, he was able to have his items shipped from the Killroy to the Centaurus, which would arrive in plenty of time before their next departure.

In the meantime, Tommy took full advantage of the Bermuda sun shining on his now slightly darkened skin. It reminded him of his days back on the Pacific Coast when he was young and free of true responsibility. His biggest stressor was being able to fit in study time in between the parties and the skirt-chasing. If he had told his 16-year-old self he would one day be the second in command of a Starfleet vessel, he would’ve told future Tommy to get the fuck out and help him with his keg stand.

Tommy leaned against the railing of his hotel patio and took in the salty sea air released by the waves crashing against the white sand. For a brief moment, he thought about turning in his pips and buying his own beach house and living the easy life covered in water and sand. But that wasn’t the way he lived his life. He never took the easy way out. He wasn’t his father. He didn’t just throw credits at any adversary and wipe his hands clean. Tommy faced each problem head-on with a punch right in the crotch.

“Hey, handsome. Thought you were gonna bail and stiff me with the bill, huh?” The soft playful voice matched the equally soft playful hands that wrapped around Tommy’s bare torso.

Tommy turned to look down at the dark green eyes that smiled at him. “You think so low of me,” he gave her a wink as he wrapped his arm around the woman and brought her into him. Her sun-bleached long hair stood out against her honey skin. A woman never stuck around longer than a week, and their time together was about to reach that threshold. And he still had another week of vacation left.

The woman chuckled softly as she ran her fingers down his back. “It’s ok. I’m only here for the dog anyway.”

“Oh, so I see how it is!” Tommy snorted at the reference to his new six-month-old Shiba Inu puppy he couldn’t resist passing up his first day in Bermuda. His life motto was ‘Go big or go home,’ and this vacation was certainly turning into that. Uncle Chuck was right: he was always looking for something bigger and better. And here he was with a new assignment just a week away, a new dog to take care of and keep him company (he wasn’t in a proper position as a Command Officer to ‘connect’ with anyone on the Centaurus no matter how delicious they looked without getting murdered by Uncle Chuck), and a scrumptious little lady named Caedance that made his mind flip. His eyes moved down to the already dressed woman. “And you thought I was gonna run off and leave you hangin’...”

Caedance rolled her eyes and gave him a little shove in his ribs. “I gotta open up the restaurant before the beach bums light the straw roof on fire.” She reached up on her tippy-toes and kissed Tommy lightly on the cheek. “See you for lunch?”

Tommy smirked as he looked her over. She had caught his eye when he walked into the small diner with the walk-up bar that was only 20 yards from his favorite surf spot. And it wasn’t just because of her small athletic frame underneath the white tank top and denim shorties. She was bright, energetic, and quick-witted. She had a sharp tongue and even sharper confidence. She could convince a man stranded in the desert that he doesn’t need water. To summarize Caedance: she was the female version of Tommy. “Sure thing, boss.” He gave her pouty lips a graze with his thumb.

He turned and leaned back against the railing, crossing his arms and catching a glimpse of Caedance giving Finn a belly rub before slipping out of the hotel room. Letting out a pleased sigh, Tommy turned back to the ocean that was beckoning him. Everything felt so surreal ever since his uncle dropped the Centaurus bombshell. His entire future had been flipped on its back. Was he really ready for it? Was he ready for all of that responsibility? Uncle Chuck seemed to think so. Now all he really needed to do was stop dipping his toe in the water and just jump in.


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