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Mr. Brightside

Posted on Thu Mar 21st, 2019 @ 2:46am by Lieutenant Commander Tommy Davenport

Mission: Change: The Inevitability of Dangerous Opportunities
Location: Bermuda, Earth
Timeline: After 'Bold Introductions'

Alexia and Abi must’ve rubbed off on him. He was walking completely out of character: he felt his blood pump a bit harder than usual with his hand grasped tightly around the bouquet of flowers he picked up at the shuttle landing before taking Finn back to the hotel. He had never purchased flowers before, let alone for a woman he had known only for a week. But Caedance was different. She was special. He didn’t just miss her body; he missed her laugh and her smile whenever he looked at her. She was changing him from a playboy into a monogamist. During the shuttle ride, he could smell her golden hair and salt-dipped skin as if he was holding her in his arms. With only a week left until he was due on the Centaurus, he had to make it count. He had to put his stamp on her.

The walk to her restaurant felt longer than usual. The wine buzz was only enunciated more by his strong desire to tell her how he honestly and truly felt. He wanted her to be his and only his. He wanted to be her only one. He actually imagined a future with her and her bubbly laugh and warm words.

He could see the dim lights of the building as he approached. The restaurant had been closed for about 20 minutes by the time he arrived. He could hear the subtle crashing waves in the background that matched the pounding of his anxious heart against his chest. His slightly damp palm grabbed onto the handle as he opened the tempered glass door to reveal the cool rush of the air conditioning against the humid tropical air.

His eyebrows slightly furrowed at the sight of the man sitting on the barstool facing the back of the bar. That’s strange, he thought to himself. I thought the bar was closed…. As soon as the man turned around, Tommy felt the sudden urge to turn and leave before he was seen. But it was too late.

“We’re closed.”

We? Tommy nodded, keeping his eyebrows from moving in questioning. “I can see that. Sorry, I was supposed to meet someone…” He felt his words drop off and his skin crawl as the man looked around the corner that lead to the kitchen. Something wasn’t adding up. Caedance never mentioned a co-owner. He swallowed roughly, trying not to assume anything.

The man looked down at the flowers then back up to Tommy with a slight smirk. “Meeting a girl, I take it?”

Tommy nodded, feeling his mouth dry up slightly. “Umm, yeah. But looks like I’m a bit late, aren’t I?” He chuckled awkwardly as he saw the man’s wedding ring reflect off the dim lighting.

“Maybe my wife knows if someone was waiting for you.”

Tommy’s heart fell to his stomach at the word. His hand’s grip tightened around the flower stems as he wished with all his might that it was someone else who was about to step around the corner.

And then his heart shattered.

Caedance stepped out of the kitchen door at the far end of the bar. The talking had brought her out to investigate. As soon as her eyes locked with Tommy’s they widened with horror. Her mouth gaped open slightly, physically unable to form whatever words had begun collecting in her throat.

Tommy’s cheeks burned with anger, hatred, and embarrassment as his mind processed what had just happened. Caedance was married. She’d been married all along. Without saying a word, Tommy shoved open the door behind him, feeling the rush of heat against his angered skin. He needed to get out of there. He needed to get back home before he did something he would regret.

“Tommy! Wait!” Caedance’s running footsteps were making progress towards him. “I can explain…”

Tommy stopped, fearing if he turned around, he would crumble to his knees in front of her like a saddened child. “Explain what? That you’re a cold-hearted bitch?” He kept his back to her, running his fingers along the clean stems of the bouquet.

“I’m sorry Tommy,” her voice was quiet and apologetic. “I didn’t mean for what happened to go as far as it did. But I really liked you…”

“Fuck you did!” Tommy finally turned around, seeing the woman’s angelic glow fade into a dark red. “You’re married, Caedance! You lied to me! And you lied to him!” He gestured forcibly towards the restaurant, hearing the flowers shake from the movement. “You played with me like I was your little plaything and, and…” His jaw stammered the words out. “Were you ever going to tell me?” The last words were heavy with sadness.

Caedance, who’s eyes had dropped to the pavement in shame, didn’t say anything.

The longer the silence drew on, the deeper the pain shot through Tommy. He could feel each second stab him like an icepick. He looked up at the crystal-clear skies and the millions of stars that illuminated the scene as if mocking him. The hot air left his mouth in a long sigh as he looked back down at the girl. She wasn’t worth the boiling words. She didn’t deserve to know how he really felt. He jammed his hand into his pocket and grabbed the lighter he kept on him at all times. He paused to watch the flame switch on as if it came straight from his fingertip and moved it towards the bouquet. “Stay the hell away from me, Caedance.”

“Tommy, please!” Caedance screamed out as she watched the flowers turn red and orange and wilt from the fire.

The vein on his tensed jaw pulsated as he dropped the burning flowers onto the ground, turned around, and walked away.


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